2017 National TT Series

2017 National TT Dates

The National TT series has continued to attract a good number of skippers from the RC Laser sailing community. In 2015 there were more than 80 individual skippers that took part in the racing which was a good turnout for any class!

Planning for the 2016 TT series is underway and there are several dates that have been confirmed so far. These appear below and details will be updated in the main front page Google Calendar as we get more info.

10th June TT Hawley Lake
Briefing 10 -10-15 am sailing by 10-30 http://www.hawleylake.org.uk/

Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre 3 RSME Regt, Gibraltar Barracks Blackwater Camberley Surrey GU17 9LP


The Main Calendar on the home page will have all the latest info on it, this page will get updated but may not be fully correct