2018 National Championships

Gosport Model Yacht & Boat Club

RC Laser Nationals, 27th & 28th  Oct, 2018.    NOR    Postal Entry Form

Entry Form
Name: Full Boat No: Sail No:


Club: Email: Mobile:

  1. 27 MHZ List 3:
  2. 40 MHZ List 3:
  3. 2.4 GHz

I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing as amended by the UKRCLA, and any other rules determined by the RO, particular to the event.

I confirm that I am a member of the UKRCL Association (You can join at any time)

I confirm that I hold Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £2,000,000

How would you like to pay for your Entry?
If you are not a member of the Association please add the fee if paying by cheque, for PayPal it will be added to the invioce. Membership will be checked at registration
  1. Cash on the day.
  2. Cheque.
  3. Paypal invoice.
Attending the Sat evening meal and TT Prize Giving. How many required:
Junior Entry

Please post cheques to 24 covert Close, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7RH. with your full boat number on the back

The form will just empty when you press submit, If you have had no email Confirmation in 10 days email Me

Entries So Far 18/10/18
No Name
TBC  Alex Mills
NED 1 Taco Faber
IRL 25  Nick Ryley
66 Paul Nesbitt
79  David Swainson
BEL 168 Crystal Cracco
241  Len Buurman
335 Richard Brook Filer
530  A Tomlinson
572 Terry Connell
628  Philip Udall
670  Derek Priestley
699  Oliver Miles
772 Alex Curtis
785  Tony Robbins
840  Dave Fowler
843 John Batson
959  brian holland
977  Roger Atkins
999  Tim Hulse
1007  Andrew Wishart
1008  John Armstrong
1027  Lawrie Draper
1048 Phil Walker
1053 Peter Smith
1060  Robert Wheeler
1081  Alan Butt
1096  Robin Antcliffe
1100  Andrew Clarke
1101  Amy Brown
AUS 1136 Roger White
83 Ken Binks