UKRCLA Historic Results

Below are race results and reports from events that took place in 2011 and before. These have been copied directly from the previous website and have not been checked for correctness.

RC Laser Class Association Northern District Championships

Fleetwood 2nd Oct 2011

While half the country basked in glorious sunshine, the other half had total cloud cover, rain and little wind. Such was our luck!

22 skippers braved the unexpected weather for this the third running of the Association sponsored ND Championship. A healthy 7 clubs were represented, and the fleet included 2 juniors.

Although the weather was poor, 8 races were completed and there were 5 different race winners.

Only 3 races were completed before one of Fleetwoods famous Hot-Pot, Apple Pie and Cream lunches. Current National Champion of both the UK and France, Dave Fowler, was showing ominous signs that he would continue his winning ways, the two Kissicks a couple of points back with Tom Mills and Peter Lansdale a further couple of points away.

Race 5 proved that the standard of the Northern fleet is improving all the time, with junior Jordan Porter, West Lancs YC, winning from Dave F. It's not every day that you beat the National Champion!

John Sharman began to string together an impressive run of results, John Plant fought to a 2nd an a 4th , Alan Tickle got a 3rd in the last race. Despite the weather, the day was greatly enjoyed by all competitors, and was a further indication of the inroads the RC Laser is making into the North West sailing scene.

1st Dave Fowler Kingsmill 8pts
2nd John Sharman Fleetwood 18pts
3rd Andy Kissick Alderney 19pts
4th Adam Kissick Preston 19pts
5th Tom Mills Fleetwood 29pts

Report by Andy Kissick, Pics Dave Fowler

Hampton Court TT 24th sept 2011

The Last RC Laser TT of 2011 was held at Hampton Court on 24th Sept , a beautiful setting, at a club with a very rich history in model yachting. The India summer hit the weekend giving the competitors a nice warm day, but only 1-2 mph of wind.

The OD set the course and the racing was on, due to the wind direction a running start was operated for the first 4 races. As usual with a running start there was the usual mayhem at the buoy, Treagust skilfully picked his way through the mess to lead the race to the finish, with Fowler and Tomlinson chasing. The roles reversed in the 2 race with Fowler taking the gun with Treagust 2nd and Park 3rd.

The OD tried to elevate the first mark pileup by putting a spreader mark in which lead to confusion as the first mark was also the last mark of the race to give a beat finish, but the dogleg was part of the course at the end, on the drawing but not the buoy listing, leading to Tomlinson losing his win and Fowler a 2nd, promoting Parks to 1st and Tyson to 2nd.

As the day progressed the wind swung to the length of the lake allowing for a beating start, with a beat the length full length of the lake. The racing was very close and the start line judge well on the ball, with several falling to the call of being over the line even by the preverbal whisker.

Race wins went to Treagust 5, Fowler 4, Tomlinson 3, Park 1, & Swainson 1. But with consistent top 3 placing's Treagust took the meeting.

It was a great day of sailing sometimes frustrating and a bit weedy if you went too close to the far shore.

1st 97 Chris Treagust 23pts
2nd 840 Dave Fowler 28pts
3rd 30 Adrian Tomlinson 36pts
4th 777 Keith Tyson 40pts

Full results

Fleetwood TT 2011

13 skippers turned up for round 6 of the RC Laser TT series at Fleetwood, for what turned out to be an excellent days racing.

With the wind blowing straight down the 200m rectangle purpose built lake, allowed the OD to set a perfect beat along its full length, which meant a lot of walking.

Although National Champion Dave Fowler comfortably won the event the closeness of the racing by the top 6 boats (some races all 6 finishing within 10-15 seconds of winning boat). Fowler didn’t get it all his way with 5 others taking wins, including newcomer to lasers Tom Mills, who claimed the win in the last race.

B rigs were the choice before lunch, with C rigs after. A well organised event that was enjoyed by all.

1st 840 Dave Fowler 12pts
2nd 91 Shaun Holbeche 28pts
3rd 580 Adam Kissick 30pts
4th 25 Andy Kissick 35pts
5th 670 Tom Mills 37pts

Poole TT

The story of the day for the 17 entries was the hunt for thermals, A rigs used all day no real weed issus, the meeting went to John Arundell who managed the conditions well skillfully being in the correct place at the correct time. and very frustrating if you got it wrong

1st John Arundell
2nd Dave Fowler
3rd Adrain Tomlinson

TT Report from Gosport Sat 18th June

We had full on C rig conditions for the day with a couple of us dropping to D rigs for races 7 and 8 rather unsuccessfully and going straight back to C rigs after lunch. JA dominated the later races as the results show and whilst we all suffered from some degree from weed it was bearable.

Pos Name Sail No PTS
1 John Arundell 27 13
2 Adrian Tomlinson 30 30
3 Chris Treagust 97 40
4 Dave Edwards 540 43
5 Dennis Bookham 305 50
6 David Swainson 179 54
7 Chris Moore 79 55
8 Tim Davison 184 60
9 Dave Offiler 9 81 9 81
10 Andy Pease 26 103
11 Paul Nesbitt 66 123
12 John Trimmer 126 135

Report by Dave Edwards

Northern District Summer series at West Lanc's YC

A stiff breeze and sun greeted the morning risers for the 2nd round of the ND summer series, and last racing chance practice for the upcoming nationals at West Lanc's Yacht Club. With the wind in the east, it made for a good course off the convex corner of the lake. The OD set a starboard rounding Olympic course, trying to keeps us out of the larger wave pattern that was developing towards the middle of the lake.

The first race got under way with the majority using 'C' rigs which at the beginning of the race were the correct choice but by the end of the first triangle, the wind jumped a force and the nose diving started, the helms coped with the conditions finishing the race. The second race saw all but 1 with 'D' sails revelling in the new 20+ knots of wind, and he who shan't be named with the 'C' rig felt the full force of the wind with his bow hunting for Davy Jones's locker on the off wind legs.

West Lancs

So the racing continued with 5 races before a coffee brake, Dave Fowler took the first 4 bullets one after doing 2 penalty turns on the start line. With the 5th going to Adam Kissick, Fowler Andy Kissick had lent their boats to interested onlookers.

After coffee the wind had increased to 25+ knots making the sailing more on survival, and picking the right time and wave for the tacks upwind, again Fowler took 3 bullets from the 4 races.

Lunch was a time for licking wounds and checking for leaks, the discussion of sail setting and how to tack in the waves was very prevulent.

Racing recommenced with the wind pushing 30+ knots, the ability to tack became the winning ticket, with Fowler out of the race with a blown servo, the continuing battle between Adam Kissick, and Skip Reasor went on.

Three more races were sailed before the wind got too strong (35+) and the OD called a halt to the proceedings.

This was a great day of sailing, full on wind and lumps; a lot was learned in the art of high wind and wave sailing by all.

1st 840 D Fowler
2nd 580 Adam Kissick
3rd 39 Skip Reasor

Andy Kissick will be doing 2 training days at West Lanc's for those interested, Saturday 7th May and Sunday 15th May

RC Laser's TT at Kingsmill MBC

11 travellers and 2 local boats arrive in the blazing sunshine but no wind, only thermals to give movement on the water.

The OD laid the Olympic course for the forecast direction of SW, and the racing commenced.

The theme of the day was don't be in the lead too early, as you didn't stay there for very long due to the shifty nature of the day, including several times when all the boat just stopped as though time its self had stopped, with the new thermal coming from a different direction and turning the fleet upside down.

There was a gremlin in the works for Andy Kissick having radio problems, and missing the first two races; a different problem also affected some 2.4 gig users if they sailed too far down the lake, closer to the microwave/ phone masts on the other side, requiring the use of the rescue boat.

The racing was close with everyone having a taste of the lead at some point during the day, with bulk place changing the order of the day.

13 races were sailed with bullets going to John Tushingham x 5, Buzz Coleman x 3, Andy Kissick x3, and John Cleave x2, but it was the consistency that controlled the overall places. With the top 2 being separated by 3 points

Sailing was terminated a 3.30 after once again the wind left us.

1 711 John Tushingham Keighley
2 16 Buzz Coleman Colehouse Fort
3 44 John Cleave Ryde
4 525 Andy Kissick Preston
5 30 Adrian Tomlinson RTYC
6 840 Dave Fowler Kingsmill
7 39 Skip Reasor WLYC
8 65 Keith Holmes Kingsmill
9 422 Liz Tushingham Keighley
10 1000 John Park  
11 62 John Faulkner  
12 71 Alan Tickle WLYC
13 46 Fred Charnley Fleetwood


TT Round 2 Ayr MBYC Scotland

For the Second TT of the 2011 Season the RClasers went back to Scotland, after a break of several years. The Ayr Bay MYC in Irvine hosted the event, on sat 26th March. Skippers from several Scottish clubs, and the Scottish MYA came to do battle with 4 travellers from doon south of the boarder.

The warm welcome from ABMYC members and other Scottish competitors was Second to none, with free coffee/tea, with nibbles.

It was a pity about the starting wind (what wind), the first race started as a drifter with thermals, eventually the sea breeze fought its way in during the race, which was won by Alistair Law 06.

The second and following races were sailed in the new 3-5 mph sea breeze, the course was relayed for the new direction and the racing re-commenced, around the Olympic course.


The starting was very competitive and finding/creating a gap required skill and some determination, with a hit or miss ending. The beats and mark rounding had the southerner's wincing from the loud calls of 'Starboard', 'Water' and my favourite 'You canny doo That'.

The bullets in the first 3 races were shared around the locals, Alister Law, M Homer, & Jim Reid, but as the smoke settled in the 4th race, the southerners started to take command with the bullets split between Dave Fowler, Skip, and Andy Kissick. With the occasional incursion from Gordon Allison in race 16, and Alister Law in 17.

The day ended with 18 races sailed.  

The Day saw great sailing, very high level of competition from all, and the first use of the aftersun bottle this year.

Overall results

1 840 Dave Fowler 36pts
2 525 Andy Kissick 38pts
3 39 Skip Reaser 39pts
4 702 Gordon Allison 79pts

1st Ayr MYC boat, 10 Jim Ried

Photo's © Eddie MacKinnon


Woodspring TT

March 19th , First of the 2011 season

The first event in the 2011 Travellers Trophy series for RC Lasers saw a return visit by the RC Laser Class Association, after several years absence, to the Marine Lake at Portishead near Bristol.

A day of bright spring sunshine but light and fickle winds greeted the fleet which nevertheless completed sixteen races, allowing three discards. There was never any doubt all day that the largest option sail 'A' was the correct choice and this provided good boat speed and handling.

The overall winner was local skipper Trevor Bamforth, normally to be found in the IOM class fleet and also a noted sailmaker. He took to the RC Laser with great skill and local knowledge winning eight races to finish with 16 points, whereas Dave Fowler in second spot took only one gun but sailed much more consistently than the rest of the fleet to finish with 34 points. Third place Andy Kissick from Preston enjoyed a good day and finished third, with two race wins and some blips in between, but with three discards, kept him in the hunt with a 42 points tally.

A good start to the 2011 season with the prospect of a visit to another revitalized club in Ayr Bay for the next TT event.

Report by Chris Jackson

TT Results list (Trevor only a guest sailor)